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  • Date: December 12, 2022
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England’s 2022 World Cup dreams ended in heartbreak with a quarter-final defeat to the current World Cup champions France. The defeat on Saturday 10th December feels different from all the other times England has been knocked out at major tournaments, this one is filled with disappointment!

There was genuine belief this time round that England could win the World Cup since 1966, the belief & togetherness was there for everyone to see, with a World Cup semi-final and a Euro final under their belt, the next step was going to be a World Cup final BUT after going toe-to-toe with World champions France, it was England that once again just came up short.

Now, this wasn’t a normal run-of-the-mill defeat, England actually went toe-to-toe with France and pushed them all the all way, the game really could have gone either way but on the night the luck was with France and they won the game 2-1 in 90 minutes.

All the answers now sit with Southgate, with many rumors suggesting he is considering his future as the England manager, the 2024 Euros could look very different for England if a new manager was to come in. There isn’t much time for a new manager to come in before the start of qualifying for the Euro’s. The players and the FA have made it very clear they all want Southgate to stay on and see what happens in 2024, which I believe is the most sensible choice. By staying on till at least 2024, plans can be put in place to find a replacement and everything can be done step by step instead of the FA having to race against time to bring the right person in to oversee the England team for the long term.

It does seem a little strange to be talking about replacing Southgate after reaching the quart-finals and all the other records that have been broken by Southgate, his team, and the players. I do believe they all have one more push in them and it has to be the Euro’s. We know most of the players will not make the next World Cup, in fact, some of them might not make the Euro’s in 2024, so if he is looking to step away, I think doing it after the Euro’s would be the best time for everyone.

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