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  • Date: September 2, 2022
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Can a player just walk into any manager’s job after hanging up their boots?

Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard have done just that and this is why I feel it’s too much too soon for them to just walk into clubs at Premier League level.

Lampard started his managers career as the youth coach at chelsea for one year and walked in the job at Derby, he then left Derby and headed to Chelsea, which of course did not work out at all and he was sacked after around one year! He then walked into the Everton job, which hasn’t been a success so far! This season, they haven’t won a game so far, with three draws & two losses. 

Both the Derby and Chelsea job lasted around one year and neither job really worked out, he did OK at Derby but the Chelsea job didn’t work out at all.

Gerrard started a little differently, he was a youth coach at Liverpool, then moved up to the under 18’s manager, then the under 19’s manager, in total he spent around three years at Liverpool before talking the job at Rangers. He was at Rangers for around 3 years and he did do a good job at Rangers, when they won the Scottish title (without losing a match all season) and did well Europe but again, he never really lit up the club or took them to another level, he did really well with what he had but again, was a move to the Premier League, the next step?

This is why I think it’s far too early for both of them to be managers at such a high level so soon. Yes both of them have plenty of player experience but being a manager is totally different. Both of them would be better managers if they worked under someone for a few years (or longer) – then moved into a head managers role. A prime example of this would, of course be Mikel Arteta, he spent three years learning from Pep Guardiola, one of the best managers in the world right now. 

When you go into a Premier League club, you do not have the time to make too many mistakes, you need to learn very quickly and get results from day one and right now both Gerrard & Lampard are really struggling to get their teams moving in the right direction, in my view, I would be surprised if they are still at their clubs by the end of the end season!

Young managers or players would be better equipped to take on the bigger roles by coaching under someone else for a few years, even under a few different managers before taking on the head managers role at a club. Spending a few years making mistakes, learning to be a man manager, gaining as much experience as you can, away from the spot light and then look to take on job of their own.

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