Kane Kicking Himself

  • Author: 247LiveScores
  • Date: October 24, 2022
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In 2021 the big transfer talk in English football was around Harry Kane moving to Manchester City, he was the missing player they were looking for and Kane wanted the move but after months & months of ongoing on/off talk in the media, the transfer never happened. Instead, City went and signed Jack Grealish for £100 Million and then went a full season without an out-and-out striker.

Apart from overpaying for Grealish by about £50 million, the 2021/2022 season for Man City turned out just fine!

Kane himself is doing pretty well, as he always will BUT he must be kicking himself right now that the transfer last season never came to light, why? Because, Kane must be looking at Haaland and thinking, that could have been me! Kane would have had unlimited service at City with doing around 30% less work, at Spurs, Kane works hard most games, dropping deep and having to make things happen but at City, he really could leave all of that to everyone else, just like Haaland is doing!

If Kane did get his transfer to City in 2021, there is no doubt that he would have been the golden boot winner and be a lot closer to breaking the Premier League goal-scoring record. Yes, Haaland is younger but I really believe that Harry Kane with the same service that Haaland gets would be going toe to toe in terms of goal-scoring.

There are many reasons why the transfer never happened, City buying Grealish for £100 Million didn’t help and I am sure City had an eye on Haaland in 2021, thinking they could get him the following season, also with Spurs looking for around £150 Million for Kane didn’t help, BUT you really can’t blame Spurs, there is no way they want to sell Kane to any club in the Premier League. It’s a shame for Kane, Spurs are a good team but you always feel Kane is only hitting around 80% in most seasons, he needs more consistent players around him because at the end of the day Kane is an out-and-out striker, you feed him the ball and he’ll get you as many goals as you want but when he has to start dropping deep or playing from the halfway line, that’s when his goal-scoring drops off but his all-round gameplay picks up.

There is no doubt Antonio Conte can build a strong team around Kane BUT with Kane a couple of years away from hitting 30 and Conte not sticking at clubs for the long term, you do feel Kane has missed a golden opportunity to win some much-needed silverware and a few more individual awards.

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