Bournemouth Already Down!

  • Author: 247LiveScores
  • Date: August 31, 2022
  • Time to read: 2 min.

I was going to write this post yesterday (Monday 29th August) around my view on Bournemouth and why I feel they could already be down after 4 games!

But news broke this morning that Bournemouth has sacked Scott Parker – I feel the sacking is a little too early and I am not fully sure that it will make much difference to Bournemouth’s season! The issue Bournemouth will have for the whole season is going to be scoring goals, If I was a Bournemouth fan, I wouldn’t even worry about trying to keep clean sheets because it’s not going to happen.

If you are unable to score goals at this level, you will find it VERY hard to stay up and this is the difference between other teams that have come up (Leeds, Forest, Brentford) – they can all score goals, even Fulham have been hitting the back of the net this time around!

Unfortunately, the attackers Bournemouth have are just not good enough on their own for the premier league level of football and Scott Parker knew this, you could tell from pre-season and his after-game match interviews, he wasn’t happy with the squad and felt he needed a few extra quality players to give the club a chance of staying up.

Sean Dyche is the favorite to take over and I think he will but with the transfer window closing tomorrow (1st September) – he is just going to have the same issues and we all know his teams are not free-flowing scoring teams, maybe he can grab a few draws here and there but I believe Scott Parker would have done the same.

I really can’t see Bournemouth being able to stay up this season, it looks like the investment in this transfer window and the next transfer window isn’t going to be there BUT again, this is football and never really know what might happen!


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